One of the first questions a home seller wants to know is, what’s my home worth? A home’s valuation is dependent on a number of factors which include, but is not limited to, location, size, and condition. While there are a number of online tools you can use to determine your home’s value, the best source capable of providing the most accurate information on your home’s worth is a licensed realtor who knows the local market, is up to date on market trends, and has the pulse on the city or town in which your home is located.

A realtor has the tools and is familiar with the methodology behind home valuation. Their experience, knowledge, and training make them a subject matter expert in determining a home’s worth and defining a price point for a home’s sale.

For buyers, a realtor can also tell you if a home’s selling price is fair and reasonable, aiding in the search for a home. For more information on determining your home’s worth, or to see if a home you are looking to purchase is priced fairly, contact Evergreen Mountain Modern today.