Four Ways to Feng Shui Your Living Room

Feng shui (pronounced “fung schway”) is an ancient Chinese science which has gained renewed popularity in recent years. The concept centers around the idea that happiness and abundance can be created in an environment by balancing the natural elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water and the various directions which objects are facing within a given room or living space.

The art and science of feng shui is said to create positive energy and suppress or eliminate negativity. The living room in a home is a very important place. This is the place where your family goes to relax at the end of a busy day. If the feng shui is not right in this vital part of the home, your family’s health and well-being could be negatively affected, whether you realize it or not.

4 Ways to Feng Shui Your Living Room

Here are four ways to achieve proper feng shui in your living room:

  1. If you have a smaller home, do not have so many items in your living room that you cannot relax. Start by decluttering the room, and get rid of anything superfluous that does not add to the comfort and enjoyment you get out of this space. If you must have storage or shelving, keep it open to help add the illusion of space by allowing the eye to travel freely around the room without running into obstacles.
  2. In any space, but especially in a smaller room or one with few windows, proper lighting is vital for good feng shui. Incorporate several different types of lighting, and experiment with placing lamps at different levels around the room.
  3. Adding a water feature to your living room is a great way to add a touch of nature and bring an element of life to your living room. A small table top fountain, a corner fish tank, or a larger water feature such as a water wall can all bring a sense of calm and freshness to your living room…and give the kids something to watch besides television!
  4. Certainly one of the easiest methods of bringing balance to a room, changing the existing color of your living room or adding an accent wall can totally change the feel of the space. If you like earth tones, a cool sage green wall can bring to mind a quiet walk through the trees. Don’t forget about using the power of accessories when it comes to changing or adding colors to a room. Pillows, area rugs, and art are all simple, easy ways to bring balance and make your living room the place where the whole family, as well as your guests, feel right at home.