Five Ways to Feng Shui Your Man Cave

Feng Shui (pronounced “fung schway”), contrary to what some would have you believe, is not for sissies. This ancient Chinese practice is actually based upon a true science. The fact that it has been around for over 5,000 years should prove it is not a new age fad, religion, passing fancy, superstition or watered-down quick fix for a room (or an entire home or business) that doesn’t feel quite right. Feng shui has to do with energy, chi specifically, and how it flows in a space.

Your man cave is your “getaway space” right? It is the place you go to get away from the phone, the kids, the stress of the day, the bills that need to be paid, the squeaky door that needs fixing, and maybe it’s even your escape when it comes time to help with the dishes. This is a very important room for you, and it needs to feel comfortable and be a place that helps you relax, recharge, and readjust. Good feng shui can help you do all that. In case you have no idea how to practice feng shui, here are five helpful tips to feng shui your man cave.

5 Ways to Feng Shui Your Man Cave

  1. Express yourself, within reason. You’re not in college anymore, so your man cave will probably look a little different than your old frat house. At least, let’s hope so. Piles of dirty laundry, empty pizza boxes, and beer cans do not represent good feng shui. Start by decluttering the space as a first step toward achieving a good balance in the room. Choose a few personal items that mean something special to you, like a photograph of a loved one, a favorite piece of art, a hard-won trophy or some kind of representation of an achievement you’re proud of, and display it in an attractive manner. A simple open shelf will serve the purpose or an accent wall somewhere in the room. Good feng shui helps the room feel comfortable, so anything that elicits good feelings or memories is helpful.
  2. According to the experts at Dude Living, good light and good air flow are crucial for ensuring “chi” or good feng shui energy. (We know you think the “cave” part of man cave means the room has to be dark, but it ain’t necessarily so.) One way to achieve good light and air flow is by installing big windows and keeping them open. Healthy plants can also help purify the air, and installing an air purifier can take it to the next level.
  3. Incorporating any or all of the basic feng shui elements (water, wood, fire, earth, metal) in your man cave can help you achieve an atmosphere of balance and positive energy. It is not necessarily required to have all five elements present in the room, but if you can achieve a good balance by integrating all of them without the room becoming too crowded or “busy”, the energy of your man cave should be positive, which can help you make positive changes in other areas of your life.
  4. Always remain aware of the various energies in your man cave and how they affect and influence you. If an object gives off negativity or elicits bad memories or feelings, get rid of it. Toxic feelings are not what you need in the place you have set aside to enhance your mental and physical health and wellbeing.
  5. Install a good stereo system. Music can be a great healer, whether it helps you relax and fall asleep in that favorite, comfy chair, dreaming of high school days or your next vacation, or perhaps gives you an opportunity to scream lyrics at the top of your lungs and rid yourself of unhealthy pent up mental pressure.

It is a fact most of us have come to accept and agree with; men need solitude to reduce stress and recharge their batteries. Man caves fulfill this vital function of providing a solitary space where a man can relax and renew his energy for the tasks that lie before him. Feng shui can help the man cave become a place of restoration and rebirth, helping you revitalize yourself and attain the energy you need to be your best.